108 Days--Breathing Life into Education

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Your $1 per day or more for the next 108 days = stress-free, violence-free schools

The fight was over a pair of shoes. One child demanded them; the other resisted. The fight escalated, and a crowd gathered. Now one is in prison; the other dead from a gunshot wound to the chest. Both were just 14 years old.

He was the quarterback of the football team--straight A student. Everyone loved him. So no one could believe it when we came to school one day and were told he had taken his own life. His dream was to play for his dad's Ivy League college. That 'B' on the AP Science exam might not seem like a big deal to some people, but to him it was "game over."

She was a bright and happy child through early elementary school. In 4th grade, her parents divorced and her mother remarried and moved to a new town. She gained weight, and grew shy and socially awkward. She lost touch with friends, became a target of bullying. She started cutting herself in 5th grade, and turned to drugs and sex for relief by the time she was 12.

He was a good teacher. For over 13 years he taught science and math, and seemed like he loved it. But that day the kids were just out of control, and he lost it. One of the kids took a video of his breakdown, and it went viral. What a sad way to end a career.

Take a breath. In stressful situations, sometimes that's all it takes to restore our minds and stop us from reacting in violent or self-destructive ways.

We all wish for our children feel encouraged and nurtured in creativity and learning. Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy lifestyle...it's every parent's hope for their kids. In an educational environment increasingly dominated by testing, standards and rankings, where resources are scarce, and stress dominates personal interactions, is it possible create space for the whole child, her creativity, her light, and her values to flourish?

YES! for Schools provides young people with tools for healthy living through daily breathing, yoga-based stretching, self-awareness, and pro-social workshops designed to enhance a sense of compassion and belonging among peers.

Over the next 108 days, with the help of all our friends, we hope to raise $1,001 dollars a day to sustain programs and train more teachers, reach more schools, and Breath Life Into Education. Your support makes a difference. With your help we can raise $108,108.00 in 108 days!

Supporting the Generosity 108 campaign is simple. You can pledge as much as you like, and break it down to a monthly or quarterly installment on your credit card or from your bank account. For example, to support "One Teacher, One School, One Semester" is an annual gift of $10,800.00. Broken down monthly, that comes to a generous commitment of $900 each month. Or choose a gift of daily breathing--$108, which can be paid in quarterly installments of $27, or even as little as $9 per month. Whatever the size of your gift, you are making a BIG difference for the children and schools we serve. Please be as generous as you can and choose the level best for you, and make your contribution monthly, quarterly or as a single gift.

YES! for Schools provides young people with a designated period of calm reflection, guided breathing, stretching and exercise, and workshops on human values like kindness, compassion, generosity and hope. By creating space for calm reflection, students and teachers can access the values that guide us to make better choices, be less impulsive, and enjoy life. Our teachers are there for the students, the staff, the parents, and the entire school community. So far over 80,000 children have been given the tools to find confidence, resilience and peace in the face of adversity and stress. YES! for Schools curriculum is based in experiential learning. Our teachers are on-site, mentoring and providing support where it is most needed. Trained in our targeted breathing techniques, conflict resolution, exercise and nutrition, our trained teachers nurture human values such as responsibility, respect, friendliness, kindness and cooperation.

When you make a gift to YES! for Schools, you directly impact our ability to reach more young people in more communities. Please make a donation today, using the tabs on this page. THANK YOU!

Yes! for Schools is a program of the International Association for Human Values, a 501c3 tax-exempt not for profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.