Join the revolution--make school stress-free and violence free!

Every $100 gives the YES! program to one child for an entire year!


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Every $100 gives the YES! program to one child for an entire year!

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.

Ten years and going strong! Make us even stronger by joining the revolution for a calm and centered educational experience for every child in America!

YES! for Schools provides unique and vital programs that kids and teachers rely on and enjoy! Help us Celebrate our 10th Anniversary on May 13, 2018.

Take a breath. In stressful situations, sometimes that's all it takes to restore our minds and stop us from reacting in violent or self-destructive ways.

We all wish for our children feel encouraged and nurtured in creativity and learning. Healthy bodies, healthy minds, healthy's every parent's hope for their kids. In an educational environment increasingly dominated by testing, standards and rankings, where resources are scarce, and stress dominates personal interactions, is it possible create space for the whole child, her creativity, her light, and her values to flourish?

YES! for Schools provides young people with tools for healthy living through daily breathing, yoga-based stretching, self-awareness, and pro-social workshops designed to enhance a sense of compassion and belonging among peers.

Think about it. Traditional disciplinary actions take a toll on our educational system and do not address the underlying cause of student infractions. The cost to incarcerate a young person is $150,000 per year. YES! for Schools is proven to reduce impulsivity in young people, restoring calm and boosting self-esteem. We have been successful in supporting students from some of the most difficult circumstances in the country. Because of our proprietary curriculum, YES! schools see dramatic reductions in disciplinary incidents and increases in academic success.

"YES! Teachers are just easier to talk to than other teachers. They really listen." --Carlos, 8th Grade

Supporting YES! for Schools is simple. You can pledge as much as you like with a one-time gift or break it down to a monthly or quarterly installment on your credit card or from your bank account. Whatever the size of your gift, you are making a BIG difference for the children and schools we serve. Please be as generous as you can, EVERY $100 raised brings YES! to a child for a whole year!

When you make a gift to YES! for Schools, you directly impact our ability to reach more young people in more communities. Please make a donation today, using the tabs on this page. THANK YOU!

Yes! for Schools is a program of the International Association for Human Values, a 501c3 tax-exempt not for profit organization. Your donation is tax-deductible.

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